但事实上,这两座建筑是明朝建造的。工匠们的生活和智慧使人们叹息。Although they are strange and dangerous, they are in line with Taoist culture. Even Emperor Qianlong has been here several times. Although this place has a history of 100 years, it has been well maintained, and in this place you can not only see these two buildings, but also see the best scenery around, so it attracts a large number of tourists every year to come to visit, in order to see its style.

    Since ancient times, there have been many poems praising the Tayun Mountain. They are the scenery of the Yunta Mountain that the ancient poets have seen seriously. They depict it as a fairy palace. If you come to Tayun Mountain, you must climb to the top to see the Guanyin Hall and the Tayun Immortal Hall. These places gather Taoist culture and are worth watching. In addition, the trees here are also very strange and inspiring, otherwise the ancients would not praise the place so much.

    According to relevant records, in the Ming Dynasty, there were records about him, and so far, almost 500 years of history. At the same time, it can be seen that the ancients were also very accomplished in infrastructure. Although science and technology were not so developed and technology was not so advanced at that time, they were still able to build such a building on such a steep mountain peak. Buildings, so prove their wisdom and strength. The building is divided into two parts and occupies the top of the hill firmly, but the rear and left sides of the building are hanging in the air. It looks dangerous, but it is also very shocking.

    这座大楼的地基没有人们想象的坚固。It is composed of four long stone pillars and some stones. 有檐上多风铃。同时,还有人们的祝福袋。一阵风可以使一个愉快的声音,一直回荡在山。